What You Need to Know About DUI Attorneys

No one wants to find themselves in a situation where they are charged with DUI. However, if you ever find yourself in a moment of bad judgment where the police sirens are on behind you and you can’t pass that breathalyzer test, you will need to know your options when it comes to DUI attorneys. These are never great cases to be caught in, but you want a legal specialist who has experience with these cases, understands all of your options, and can help get you the best possible result out of a bad situation.

What to Look for in a DUI Attorney
There are many things you want to know about when you’re searching through all the names that come up under DUI attorney in your area. You might not find any information about an attorney that “specializes” in DUI cases, but that’s because the word “specializes” has a very specific definition when it comes to attorneys and this word often can’t be used.


Even an attorney who spends almost all of his or her time trying DUI cases might not be able to say they specialize in that field. That’s why asking questions about the focus of an attorney’s office or their history with your specific type of case is so important. You want to make sure the attorney you’re looking at hiring isn’t just picking up your case as a side thing, but you want to be sure they are experienced in your type of case.

Ask About a Free Consultation
Most DUI attorneys offer a free consultation to learn about your case and lay out what they can provide versus what is expected of you. Also, you to see if you’ll both be a good professional fit for one another.

If you have the option for a free consultation, it’s important to take it. Trust your gut when you’re getting a feel for how this attorney works, and have your list of questions ready to ask. The more information you can obtain and the better your attorney reacts to the questions, the better you can feel about making that hire.


Don’t Underestimate the State Influence
Many people are surprised to find out that DUI laws are not universal across the country. The fact is, there are tremendous differences in these laws from state to state ranging from what constitutes DUI to the burden of evidence, to the penalties for the crime.  In other words, don’t just trust any information you find online and don’t assume that any DUI case in one state you may have experienced will be anything like a DUI case in your current state. A lot can change.

You want a DUI attorney who has been practicing in your state for years, if not decades, and has that long track record of giving his or her clients the absolute best results possible. DUI cases are not easy cases to try, but a great DUI attorney can make all the difference.

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