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If I want to find a DUI lawyer near me, I make sure to do all the research I can. I’ve done this recently because I had a friend that got into a great deal of trouble when driving. Unfortunately, my friend was in the wrong by drinking and then getting behind the wheel. However, there were some interesting things that happened that evening that I have a hard time understanding. That is the reason for this blog post.  I apologize if it is slightly off of the topic of finding professionals in the local marketplace, but I thought it was worth sharing.

If Stopped For Suspicion Of Drunk Driving, Hire A DUI Lawyer Near You

Before I go any further, it is important to relay that this information is shared from a friend. I just happen to have a blog with the ability to write about it online. My friend stated to me that he was at a local bar/restaurant in Rockville, Maryland one evening, and had a few drinks with dinner.  Not sure if you have been to Rockville lately, but the entire downtown area is booming.  There are restaurants everywhere, ice skating rinks, a few very large parking garages, and each and every one of them were filled.  The downtown area is booming.

find a dui lawyer near meOn the night my friend was pulled over, he came out of the bar and was parked along the street. At this time of the day, there was still some available. He said that when he backed his car out of the space, the left portion of his car was a little out in the street, but he had to wait for a red light to change in order to pull forward. Overall, he backed up about 8 feet before he pulled forward and made a left hand turn.  At that moment, that is when the lights went on and he was pulled over.

As he was searching through his glove compartment to get his license and registration, the Sheriff walked up to the door, asked for license and registration, and asked my friend where he was earlier in the evening.  My friend responded that he was at a local restaurant, and was just on his way home. With his response, the Sheriff immediately signaled to another group of officers behind him and said he could smell alcohol on his breath.  He was immediately suspected of being drunk and operating a vehicle, and from there it was all down hill.

My friend was cooperative and was asked to perform a field sobriety test which the officer claimed he failed, and then taken to the station for a BAC test. My friend, who has the worst balance of anyone I have ever met, said he did have difficulty standing on one leg and balancing, but I have done this test with him when he was stone cold sober and he still couldn’t do it.  He simply has bad balance and would fail every time. What sounds so suspicious about this DUI arrest was the way he was found by the officer, and it almost sounded like the cops were lying and waiting for people to come out of the bars and get into their cars. The probable cause needed was that they were in a restaurant/bar area and the police assumed he was drinking. With his admission that he had a few drinks, he was immediately arrested and taken into custody.  This is when he started thinking about hiring a local dui attorney nearby.

Hiring The Best DUI Lawyer You Close To You

The lawyer he wanted to find was going to have to be able to show they had a good reputation. He made a list using a directory online to see who he could get help from and whether they were well known in the field. Some people will tell you they have a lot of experience when they really don’t at all. It’s fine if someone didn’t have hundreds of cases under their belts, but he needed to know they were capable of doing what I wanted to hire them for. It is amazing how much information is online, and the more and more you dig, the more information you are able to obtain.  Review sites like Avvo, FindLaw, and the leader of all information, Google will easily give you a list of the best dui lawyers near me to choose from.

Picking a lawyer for DUIs was easier when he found a list of who could help with this particular problem. Some lawyers are good at family law or things that have to do with accidents. He happened to have needed someone who works with DUIs and unlawful arrests, so that’s what he found and I am glad he went that route. You see, if someone is a general lawyer they can help but if they don’t have a lot of experience with just DUIs and similar problems then chances are they could miss something that happened.

Hiring A DUI Lawyer Near Me May Be The Best Decision You Can Make

Calling around to ask about pricing was the last step before picking out who he wanted to help with his DUI arrest. You’re not really going to begin to see results if you don’t find someone that can do this for a good price. A lot people believe there are lawyers out there willing to take a fee only if you win your case. In a drunk driving case, this is not the way it works. He was able to find a ton of local dui lawyers in his home town, but all of them charged a flat fee or hourly rate. Nobody was willing to take a chance on the case and only get paid in the event he won his case.  Personal injury attorneys may be willing to do this, but not the DUI law firms.

When he was able to find a DUI lawyer nearby, it was easy to lay out a defense strategy to fight his case. Unfortunately, he was not able to win the case, but he did receive a parole before judgement, had to pay a small fine, and his record will be expunged after 7 years. Like he said to me, he was in the wrong and did get behind the wheel of the car, and for that, he was in the wrong. He was able to explain to the judge that he felt he was targeted based upon where he was dining that evening, and the judge did rip into the arresting officer for the way they handled this arrest. My friend didn’t know if it was showmanship, or if it truly was a judge tearing into a police officer, but he did feel that he was sentenced fairly, and was happy with the local drunk driving attorney he hired.

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