Trusted professionals can be hard to find. The goal of this website, is to provide a list of the top service professionals in their space, throughout the Maryland area. Relying on reviews from Google, Angie’s List, and Yelp, just to name a few can be difficult to trust. Many companies can exaggerate or manipulate their reviews. The goal of Pro Space is to provide Marylanders with companies they can rely on and trust when they need a professional to handle a job.

The Beginning Of Pro Space

The Pro Space idea was launched in 2015 by me, Jay Leary. I had spent several sleepless nights dealing with water damage in my basement in my Baltimore home. I finally decided that he was going to hire a company to fix the problem, and started my online search for waterproofers in Maryland. professional service providers in MarylandPage after page was displayed with listings to the “top companies” in the Baltimore area, and I read review after review. After completing my lengthy due diligence, I finally settled on a company that I was ready to interview and hire.

The company I hired had more than 20 reviews on Google, and every one was better than the previous one. I contacted the company the next day, and scheduled an appointment for an estimate the following day. My basement had already caused me enough stress, and I wanted to job done quickly and efficiently. I trusted my decision based on the reviews I read online, which ultimately turned out to be my biggest mistake.

The Company Did Not Deliver As Promised

What should have been a quick 2 day job, turned into weeks of work. The company had initially claimed that they did all of their own work, with employees of the company. What I later found out, was most of the crew were subcontractors, and worked for several other waterproofers in the area. Not only was the work slow, it was lousy. I had to follow around the crew and check everything they did. I was paying tens of thousands of dollars to have a renovation done in my Maryland home, and I wanted it done accurately. I was getting much less than I was anticipating.

When the work was all said and done, I was completely unhappy with everything. I won’t bore you with all of the details, but to say that I did not hire the top professional in their space, and I felt like I was ripped off. I vowed to not let this happen again, and wanted to make sure that others were able to find the best of the best for all types of service professionals in the state of Maryland. Yes, this could be considered a bit like Angie’s list, but, it will be much smaller, and won’t require advertisers or users to pay for listings. Possibly as ProSpace grows, we will be do this, but we are in the infancy stage, and truly just want as many people to know about great service providers in and around the cities of Rockville, Frederick, Baltimore, Hagerstown, and many more.

The service will have honest reviews of service providers throughout the state of MD. It will be people that I have dealt with, and know they provided a great service. I expect to update this site regularly as I have more services provided. One of the criteria is I won’t tell local businesses that they will be reviewed by me online. At this point, not many of my family and friends know about the site, so it should be pretty easy to keep quite. Hopefully after dealing with several businesses and organizations outside of the DC Metro area, we will grow to a household name.

Please check back in the very near future. Our directory of businesses will grown rapidly, and we want to know what you think about our selections.

We look forward to making ProSpace your one destination online for finding the top professionals in their space.