Bitcoin Is Staged To Dominate The Global Economy. Hydro Currency Is The Fastest Growing Segment of Financial Growth.

Don't worry if you are still trying to figure out how Bitcoin is becoming the dominant form of payment within the global economy. Soon to collect more payments than Paypal and MasterCard combined, the stage is set for the fastest growing financial opportunity in our lifetime. Learn how low transaction fees, ease of use, and the possibility of huge profits for investors is turning small time investors into multi-millionaires.

Bitcoins are no longer the underground currency that it once was in the past.  Companies far and wide are now accepting the currency to complete all types of transactions.  Obviously, you have long been able to use a bitcoin to make a purchase on items on the web, and the announcement in the past several months from Overstock accepting the currency made front page news.  But how far has this spread, and will you soon be able to use Bitcoins to purchase groceries, home improvements, or your newest car? Lets explore some of the opportunities.

Before we dive into the uses, lets give a very quick recap of bit coin and how the bitcoin market is currently performing.  As of today, tax day, April 15, 2015 – the price for one single bitcoin is $213.  Investors are jumping on board to buy up more, while others are fearful that the prices will continue to drop.  Forecasting for Bit coins is very similar to the stock market, and there is huge volatility in the market.  Many experts are telling people to refrain from trading for the time being as there is so much fluctuation.

How To Use Bit Coin Currently

As we discussed before, many large companies are now accepting the currency, with many others jumping into the market.  This blog is currently being written using WordPress, and they are now accepting payments with the coins.  Amazon, Target, CVS, Dell, Curvaceous Couture, Subway, and Tesla, yes, the car company are accepting payments in 2015.  It won’t be long before companies that we see in our own communities are using them such as your local dentist, or your heating and air conditioning company.

Bitcoins Can Provide Anonymity

One of the big advantages that bitcoins provide is that you can shop anywhere, without worrying about who is watching, or what is going to show up on your credit card bill.  Think about going somewhere like a hotel for the weekend, and you are and your spouse decide you want to watch some adult only shows on pay per view.  If your credit card shows each and every purchase you make, and the security on these cards is at an all time level, you know that with a little digging, the credit card company can see exactly what you purchased.  This example of adult only shows may sound odd, but it proves the point of shopping without any prying eyes.  Maybe you have a drug or alcohol problem, and would like to get help.  This isn’t something you would want to show on your latest credit card receipt.  There are some things that you want to keep private, and buying with Bitcoin can help you do just that.

You may not have even thought about how someone famous can use Bitcoins.  If a celebrity wants to purchase a Yacht, or an Indonesian island, they may not want it reported that they made the big purchase, and many of our current buying practices require extensive paperwork.  With bitcoin, you can anonymously purchase just about anything you want, and keep yourself out of the limelight, and away from those most interested in what you do.

It Won’t Be Long Until This Service Is In Our Neighborhoods

Forget being rich and famous and buying islands, this currency is going to be around us in the very near future.  Maybe you want to paint your home with Rhino Shield – the best ceramic paint on the market, and is the company you decide to go with.  That is an opportunity that may appear in the near future. Or you have a recent drunk driving charge that you want as quite as possible, that would be another opportunity to use Bitcoins.  Let your imagination go, because we are in for a new world of buying power with Bitcoins.